Thursday, May 16, 2013

Picturesqueness: Bella Rocca

As late as it can get.  It has been a year.

Friendz organized a summer trip to Bellarocca taking advantage of the citibank discounted rate promo offered for May 2012.  All we did is fax in our personal details and our card's info to an agency (I forgot the name); waited for a flight sale and wallah an instant getaway with my family and friends.

J o u r n e y

We took Zestair the only airline offering a flight to Gasan, Marinduque.  From there the Bellarocca van fetched us at the airport and dropped us at Buenavista where a private port for the island is located.  From the port we took a speedboat going to Bellarocca Island.
It's a small propeller plane; the trip is about 50 minutes or so from Manila 
The island from afar
A 5 minute speedboat ride from the port to the island
I s l a n d 

It was once called elephant island up until it was bought and managed by Bellarocca.  The buildings were inspired by Greece's Santorini houses and the island has been leveraging from that idea.  Besides the location, scenery and structure, Bellarocca came with deluxe service from the management and crew complimenting the ambiance of the island.
Behind is the clubhouse and the location of the infinity pool by the beach
H o t e l

We stayed at a hotel room located at the top most part of the island.  Rather than describing it in words I'll just post pictures of the room.
The bed
I'm inside the bath :)
The receiving area beside the bed
The other side of the room, completeness.  plus a view of the lap pool
D u g e n i a   V i l l a 

Lucky for us the Dugenias upgraded to a villa.  So by default it was the place where we stayed most of the time.  
Villa Dugenia: The upgrade really made our stay more memorable.
View from the villa's back door terrace and pool
The Villa's pool
The Villa's jacuzzi
The spacious bedroom
Our favorite hangout; the dinning area.  The villa is pretty much a house with one huge bedroom, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, living room area, dining room, a terrace, it's own pool and a good view of the Marinduque island
I n f i n i t y   P o o l

The island has its public infinity pool for guest although it's only open until 6 in the afternoon.
The infinity pool beside the clubhouse
The Marinduque island as backdrop
G r o u n d s

There are a lot more places to go to and relax one self on the island.
The beach
The hotel lobby and other hotel facilities
The restaurant
The leisure room; beside the table games there are computers and shelves full of books, board games and DVDs.
Areas where you can take pictures of yourself with your crazy friends
and love ones
A place where you can meditate or read a book
View from the helipad during sundown
The other pool
Stroll around the island
Drink and be merry
Jump! and just do what you want to do.
F o o d

It's quite expensive but I believe we fairly got what we paid for.  Either this or get the buffet.

T r a n s p o r t a t i o n

You can go about the island either by foot or by service golf carts that can take you around the island's facilities.
Foot or
If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy indoor or hotel amenities, Bellarocca may offer something different from your usual hotel stay. I do hope the pictures I posted might encourage you to try the place, I do use a point a shoot camera so that's the best I can offer; me don't know photography --- point and shoot is the best!  Hahahaha :P
Yeah good times indeed!
Go on and visit the province where my parents grew up!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Couch Potato: Why hello there!

It seems that I forgot all about my blog.  That irresponsible person in me kicked in and totally took over me for months.  To be fair I've still been scribbling notes down but I never did had the chance to blog it here up until now.
I'll be starting with a long Couch Potato post.

Four and a half passed; Seven point five still; kaya ko ito!

L A T E   B L O S S O M 

*** First love never dies; but she did.  Ji-hyo has a supporting role.

L O V E   S C E N A R I O

* I can't even remember what this movie is about, ah... now I remember.  It's not that interesting :P

D R A G O N  -   G I F T   O F   T H E   N I G H T   F U R Y 

* That was short

S U P E R M A N   V S .   T H E   E L I T E

* I didn't like the Elite

T H O R   T A L E S   O F   A S G A R D

* Thor never did appealed to me as good

S H E R L O C K   H O L M E S   A   G A M E   O F   S H A D O W S

*** What can I say it's Robert Downey Jr.


** Matthew liked it but I didn't care.  It's like Funny komiks' SuperKat!  Then again the opening song never left my head. Vajura On! 3x

R E A L   S T E E L

*** Over the top Dad! Over the top!  Mecha version


*** Two boys fighting over a cute girl is a really nice story line in itself.  Two words Sora Aoi!


** Acting was funny, definitely needs a lot of improvement; it's getting there.  Too much eraserheads though.

M Y   C O U S I N   V I N N Y

*** Wohooo!  Now that is a movie... hahahahaha Ralph Macchio!  Deym Marisa Tomei is hot.

N I C K   &   N O R A H ' S   I N F I N I T E   P L A Y L I S T

*** This is the my new Some kind of Wonderful

S C O T T   P I L G R I M   V S   T H E   W O R L D

** Burn time burn

L A D Y   C A S T L E

*** For the second time around, cuteness level up


*** This is a repeat

T A L K I N G   D I C K

* It's sad

T H E   P A C I F I C

** Saw this on HBO and I was hooked; The repeat was not worth it


*** Cheering for the underdog

T H E   B L I N D   S I D E

*** It's just too good to be true, then again, it was based on a true story

H O T E L   T R A N S Y L V A N I A

** Matt didn't want to watch it because he thought it was a horror film and not an animation, now he keeps on watching it over and over again.  Tsssss

C L O N E   W A R S

*** This is star wars! get it?


** the blind swords-woman

T H E   W A R R I N G   S T A T E S

** I seldom watch Chinese war films but this movie gave the genre hope

B A T M A N   T H E   D A R K   N I G H T   R E T U R N S   P A R T   1

*** The fact that it was based on the Frank Miller comic just reminded me of high school, me want the part 2.

S E V E N   D A Y S
*** I was not able to see the start but from what I saw i can say that I need to seek for a DVD or a copy.

T H E   I N B E T W E E N E R S   M O V I E

** Bullocks

T H E   H O L I D A Y

*** I'm a sucker for love stories

H 2

*** I just can't get enough