Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kage Bunshin

Dear multiply friends, if you value your multiply media collection ~ now is the time to export everything to your local drive.  They took the effort to create a somewhat tool or should I say a technique to export most of your media files to your private/personal/local drive. 
Those download and export links below your profile
picture are the tools I'm talking about
Multiply.com has been a huge part of my mid to late 2k decade when facebook was still not around.  I post most of the pictures there and even left friendster and my blog sites because I decided to migrate not all but most of the content to multiply.  Now that their battle with the social network business model comes to an end amid all their effort to salvage things; I'm back to square one.  I need to transfer data from multiply to where-ever.
The style was for multiply to generate a page with all the links of the multimedia files; it's somewhat a report page.
Then by using a third party browser plug-in (chrome or firefox) to do all the downloading.  Pretty cool huh!  Not!
The tool would be available until December 1, 2012 they say.  I guess it limited though because after a 6 hour download using the download media helper and the chrome download master plug-in (that is why I call it a technique) I ended up downloading what I think is everything.  Until a friend informed me that it didn't cover the whole site.  I was able to download 10k+ items in 6 hours but after I checked it was lacking a lot of later albums, blogs and what not.  So I guess it does have its limitation.
I'm not complaining :P
Like I said I'm not complaining even if it’s agonizing. I'm still grateful that they acted upon the user's need.  I'm not a premium user; I'm just one of those freeloader types that know HTML and CSS.  To cut the blog short, I'm a multiplier and I'm saddened by the move but business needs continue on and make changes for the better.  The migration is troublesome but it is still inevitable.  Thanks a bunch it was a joy to use your service!  Now, I need to get back on how to download the missing media.

A screen shot of the home page so as I'll remember how I designed it
And how I failed to align the robot banner on the header

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