Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Some co-workers tried to access my blog, so they typed in to view some of my posts.  To their surprise the contents are entries from my past. What a jolly good accident I said to myself.  That's my old blog, wohoooo.... What the.... I wrote those? Hahahahaha. WAPUT!

Although it lacked the color scheme and the attached pictures. Oh well...

So this is a blast from my past (2004 that is)


ang buong bayan dilim ang patutunguhan! -wuds

Sunday, December 19, 2004
one download in order to mess up the OS 
Lucky me.....

nilikha ni ahm sa petsang 12/19/2004

Saturday, December 18, 2004
Little Brown Man In The Land Of The Giants 
- joey ayala

Land of Giants indeed, got here from a tiring 4 + 9 + 3 hours of flight and some 4 + 2 + 1 hours
of waiting to board an aircraft. My redish eyes are bulging out, got a pair of blackish eye bags,
my feet is killing me and the weather is so damn cold. Nice to be out in the wild.

nilikha ni ahm sa petsang 12/18/2004

Thursday, November 25, 2004
More Work, Less Blog 
It started out three weeks ago.....
Never had the time to blog things up
I really have a long line of milestones that I haven't had the chance to write up
I got my US visa application approved
The inuman gig at our house with pointwest people
I have a brilliant kick ass team to talk about, not the usual dream team but they can deliver
Home made Kare-kare ni michelle, saraptsuy...
That naked chick in the middle of C5 going to libis
huh... so many yet so little time
already forgot some of them
isusulat ko pa ba? uwi na lang ako 10pm na eh.

nilikha ni ahm sa petsang 11/25/2004

Saturday, October 30, 2004
After 5 cans of redhorse extra strong ito ang tama and 3 shots of vodka and a bad night sleep,
my head still spins. Can't seem to concentrate on work, this was a bad idea, I should have never
gone to office the day after a toma session.

nilikha ni ahm sa petsang 10/30/2004

Friday, October 22, 2004
WAPOT back online! is back online.. after three weeks of down time, wapot is back online.
Wasn't able to accomplish our ikobo deadline due to schedule conflicts (our bad), thats why
we're still offering wapot for free. We will be extending our free text to pinas, so to all our
onsites feel free to use it. A little FYI: We changed our number folks so please inform your
friends and relatives about it, a big thanks to all patrons of wapot.

nilikha ni ahm sa petsang 10/22/2004

Thursday, October 21, 2004
For the second time, my assigned work was cancelled. Yipee, to the canteen then...
While eating, lordbritish and I encountered a waput girl on the 8th floor canteen. Long legged,
long haired babe, wearing pink hanging tops and denim short skirt.. I mean short short skirt.
Never imagined we'd see that kind of breed in an office building canteen. She doesn't look like
or dress like someone who goes to office on our building. Just as any loser would do, we
drooled, lordbritish wished we had taken a snapshot of her, guess we just have to rely on our
temporary memory.

nilikha ni ahm sa petsang 10/21/2004

Wednesday, October 20, 2004
little letter 's' on my chest 
an indio i song....
Got a hold of my old copy of indio i's cd, i believe its the only album that they made... A friend
wanted to borrow it. I had the chance to listen to it again.. pinoy reggae... Researched them on
the internet and came across The site offers
links to pinoy band websites. Some of the links are broken, but the link to the Jerks website is
not ( Its just sad that the mp3s are not present
anymore... but still its a good read about the jerks. The rock of manila site is for DZRJ rock
jocks, if you want to read their stories try to browse the site.

Cool pictures eh...
I feel stronger, stronger than ever, never before...

nilikha ni ahm sa petsang 10/20/2004

Friday, October 15, 2004
encountered this word in the shenzen-hongkong border, ask our guide what it means and he
simply answered me "nevermind that, it doesn't mean anything, lets move on"... hahahaha...
after which he answered me it means "no turning back". It was then used in the SARS inspection
corridor. They have these camera like machine that checks the visitors temperature.
There is this site that functions as an online dictionary. try it , it
helped me to define refluence. I'll be including their script in the side panel of my blog.

nilikha ni ahm sa petsang 10/15/2004

Thursday, October 14, 2004
Hong Kong Misadventures 
Its lhensterdamned's first airplane ride. She looked calm during the our plane trip to hong kong
and she's quite excited. Our flight has been delayed due to some military aircraft stuff that I
didn't bother to ask what. As a "pakunswelo" they gave the passengers a free le coure
meryenda that we didn't avail of. We stayed at the panda hotel at tsuen wan, which is far from
the prime commercial centers in hong kong, fair enough they give a free scheduled shuttle to
tsimshatsui and mongkok. Even if the town area is not that great a place, we managed to stroll
around before leaving hong kong.

Avenue of stars
A misadventure, it was quite accidental really, we were scheduled to meet our guide on the new
world renaissance hotel at tsimshatsui, kowloon. Luckily we have time to spare before our meet,
so we toured around and found ourselves in the harbor bay where the avenue of stars is located.
We got to see jet li, samo hung and jacky chan's hand prints in the floor... didn't see shu qi's
name in the ground, maybe she haven't got a star yet. 

My Guestseses
Then we met Simon, our tour guide who keeps calling us his guestseses. 
A funny guy, needs
help on cracking jokes though. He had some trouble fetching his other
guest because they were  
late (and they were filipinos, hindi na talaga maalis sa pilipino
ang pilipino time). But the wait was worth it, he brought us to a nearby 5 star hotel restaurant,
wasn't able to get the name of the hotel. That feast was the best chinese dinner I had in
hong kong. Peking duck, sweet and sour pork and other chinese food I don't know what they're
called, but it was delicious. Restaurants don't serve water but serve tea instead, don't ask me
why.. sheez.. Mineral water cost around 5 to 10HKD for a liter but tea is free. What I regret is
that I didn't eat any noodles during our stay, darn, I love noodles. Here is where we met our
tour buddies, 2 couples in their mid ages... they were really nice and fun to be with.

The Peak
Simon brought us to take a 10 minute train ride to the high peak of hong kong, it was the oldest
train in hong kong called the peak tram. As the train goes, you wouldn't notice that your 50
degrees inclined. Looking out the window you would notice the inclination because the buildings
are in slant. We (monster, bernadette, lhensterdamned and I) had our picture taken from the
peak, having the hong kong skyline and lighted buildings as our background. We had to pay a
professional photographer for a nice picture, how much, lets just say that it was worth it, but its
much cheaper than the plate. One problem area is the comfort room, it was really hard to find.
For a great place like that you need to put up more wash rooms man.

Mongkok market
Few of the service roads in mongkok were closed during the night time to make way for
pedestrians that are shopping. We were given an ample amount of time to shop around, later
we found out that it wasn't enough, we didn't quite enjoyed shopping around because of the time
pressure. Still, we rushed to the meeting point, just to find out that we were 5 minutes late and
that damn simon left us, no bus in sight, as I've said our hotel is far from mongkok... that crazy
simon. So we were left behind, meaning more shopping time, we ignored the fact that we were
left behind and begin to enjoy more of our shopping. We took a hundred HK dollar taxi ride
home, those taxi drivers are the best - reliable and friendly.

Hong Kong Tour
The next day we met "maganda" Jacky, she was the one who accommodated us in the airport
and made our itinerary during our three day stay. She took us to hong kong bay near the avenue
of stars, tse sui luen jewelry manufacturing and the "secret store" which is rumored to be owned
by the one who owns the tour agency. Aha, so thats why... Was able to buy a ceramic dragon
about 2 feet long, a nice remembrance for our trip, suckers, you should have been more
observant of the prices that you punch in the machine (I did have a 50% discount due to a
mis-keyed price). What's good about the store is they deliver the things you bought to your hotel.
After that, we had lunch in a nearby mall, we were able to spot a video store that has these
Korean movie posters, I got to have one, I got to buy a poster.... tough luck, it was closed.
ahrg... Before going to shenzhen china jacky was able to sucker us to buy these plates that has
our pictures in it... hahahaha... that jacky is such a sales talker, and it was such an expensive
plate. So folks don't buy stuff from your tour guide.

Clash of the tour guides
We took a train ride to shenzhen, jacky dropped us off, endorsed us to someone she said she
didn't know what gender it has, but its name is Leo. From there Leo took us to the window to
the world place, where they have miniature replicas of the seven wonders of the world. The
funny thing was we were not to enter the park, we were just there to take some pictures,
hahahaha... Won't bother you guys of the details of our tour because it sucked, big time. So if
your planning to have a hong kong trip, don't include the shenzhen tour. They have people
forcing you to buy stuff, not to mention long waiting periods that makes you starving (literally)
mad. Good thing that we have these 5 new found friends in our trip that keeps us company and
gave us entertainment and laughter. Doc was the clown in our group, he keeps on talking to
these cute chinese sales ladies. Having pickup lines like "do you like filipino guys?", "do you
have a boyfriend" and "hey, don't leave, I'm gonna buy!".

Leo tried his best to entertain us, sang a song by F4 and performed magic card tricks in the
bus. hahahaha... nakaka-awa na sya. He bad-mouthed jacky (our hong kong guide) just like
jacky bad-mouthed the shenzhen trip. Now thats what you call unified China. 

The last day was the best day, we got to go to ocean park, a big aquarium and panda bear
park. Took a ride on the cable car and the abyss ride. The Cable Car ROCKS! It is the
connecting link from the park's low land and high land, it's almost a three mountain range wide
ride (Saan ka pa, dito na!). Almost all the rides in ocean park is in enchanted kingdom except
for the abyss and the long escalator ride.

Now leaving hong kong was the part where we (monster and I) had our chance for shopping. We
made our way through duty free where giordano products were cheap. I wasn't able to buy a
Sassy Girl poster but got myself a bundle of free Olympus catalog where Jeon Ji Hyun was the

In conclusion, hong kong is such a tiring fun ride all in all (wake up early and go home late). Here
are some tips to ponder: Never buy what the tour guide sells, they mean good but the prices are
high. The cost of living is high (shelter and transportation) but clothing and other market stuff are
cheap. Don't up size your fries and drinks in mc donalds. Don't avail of the shenzhen tour, it's not
worth the time, go to mongkok and shop instead. The bridges, subways, highways, fly-over,
tunnels and buildings are a must see, specially at the peak during night time. Airplane food is
tolerable and doesn't suck like other people say. Its a three thumbs up for a USD 500 trip. Simon
is the best guide of all next is Wilson (he didn't speak much)!

nilikha ni ahm sa petsang 10/14/2004

Wednesday, October 06, 2004
tanong mo na lang sa langit.... kung bakit? 
Bamboo fever
Can't determine why the tomcat keeps displaying the directory listing unpredictably. I've properly
configured an alias to my URL but sometimes it works and sometimes it just displays the ROOT
directory listing of tomcat. I know its not acceptable to say this but its WEIRD!
Learned to disable the directory listing while reading on how to configure this damn thing. Had
this idea to handle all web-based error pages also. Its a good thing that I encountered the
problem, got to read all these features for us to add.
Last weekend was a productive week for us wapoteers, ikobo was tested and only lacks minor
revisions and a lot of testing. Hurray for us...
Sa uuuuuuuhhhhh-nang langhap MASARAP! ang pag-ibig....

nilikha ni ahm sa petsang 10/06/2004

Thursday, September 30, 2004
Wanna Die!  
Word for today...
Its taken from the movie sassy girl, seems like paengster is addicted to "you need to read"
movies. Is it the twist in the story or is it because of Jeon Ji Hyun.
Met with the wapot group during lunch time, was able to clear things up with my partners.
Someday we're gonna be filthy rich!!!! 

Been having trouble sleeping, just really need to go back to my original working schedule.
Was so early due to offsetting my badminton undertime during mondays. One thing I
learned is that longer working hours doesn't mean that you're productive, it only means you've
stayed in the office longer. I've been more productive during my under time day than my over
time day. Huh.. so sleepy... what's good about the today is that I was able to borrow a DVD
copy of the Korean movie (comedy) My Tutor Friend. Movie time!

nilikha ni ahm sa petsang 9/30/2004

Wednesday, September 29, 2004
10x KARMA 
Living is a sin....
Good karma that is, of all the freebee work that we've done this past few months, it seems that
lady luck is rewarding us. Keep em pouring... 

Been learning new stuff from the office.. Can't wait to implement the new technologies I've
learned from emongs.

Other good news, I figured out how the JAMES mail server work, even tested outlook as the
client. Paengster was able to configure the GSM modem properly using AT codes (modem so
new yet so complicated). Next week is travel time. Bwahahahahaha... Ayuz!

nilikha ni ahm sa petsang 9/29/2004

Tuesday, September 28, 2004
ikobo and the wapot deadline 
Javanese and I agreed that we would finish the ikobo money transfer system of wapot on or
before the 15th of october. She needs to do something else after october 15, so I suggest we
have to speed up things a bit. Paengster has all the knowledge (logistic wise) about the ikobo
stuff... he doesn't know about the deadline, will inform him about it... mamaya. Wait for it
wapoteros and wapoteras.

nilikha ni ahm sa petsang 9/28/2004

Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Been developing wapot with two of my friends since May I think... I do wish it would be fully
functional by the end of October. We've been sharing our mobile phone line to the world...
hehehe.. except that it can only text philippine subscribers. YEBA!

nilikha ni ahm sa petsang 9/22/2004

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Couch Potato: January was a mix

January had its up and down

T h r e e   F e l l a s

Hahahaha, this might amuse you but I don't recommend it.  I just watched it because of M.C. Mong (Non-stop 4) and Lee Chun-Hee (Family Outing).

M a g i c   M i k e

I don't know why I gave this a chance.

M o n e y b a l l

Worth the watch.

K o u t e t s u s h i n   J e e g

The fact that I encountered a Jeeg toy back when I was young, it was only now I learned what that small robot we had is.  Tough luck it isn't around anymore, this series is the continuation of the 1970's anime. 

M a n   o f   H o n o r

Way different from the other Koreanobela I watched, give it a try. 

L i g o   n a   U   L a p i t   n a   m e

I didn't like it

L o r a x

If you ask me it was not that good although it does captivate the heart in the end. A very colorful musical.

J o u r n e y   2   t h e   M y s t e r i o u s   I s l a n d

Let us just keep this one as mysterious as it is

Social Unions, a Decennial and a lot of first

Since when did the wedding month change from June to December and January? Busyness!

12 / 28  -  C a r l o  +  L i l i

Was one of the groomsmen wearing a suit with no tie and a pair of black Converse Chuck Taylor, that's a first for me.  We also had the privileged to see and listen to Tap Suzara serenade the couple.  A lot of firsts, never expected that Carlo would beat Lili on crying his heart out but he did.  The best acknowledgement went to Oyo Boy Sotto though. :P

12 / 29  -   J o n  +  A g n e s

Was one of the bearers of gifts during the wedding's offertory; still wearing a suit but now with a silver tie and leather shoes :);  participating in a wedding offertory was a first for me.  Thankful that it was only a short walk to the altar, that fruit basket was heavy.  It was such an emotional celebration that you can feel the aura and expression of the people present, maybe the chapel helped on rectifying things out.  Got a small bottle of Jack Daniels as a souvenir how cool is that!

01 / 06  -  M a r t i n  +  I r i s

We were late but like the saying goes it's better late than never.  Coming to see the awesome venue was also a first and was worth the travel .  Met the couple before they made their grand entrance to the ballroom, lucky!  But you know, what struck me was they did photo shoot with all the service crew and everyone who worked on the background to make their wedding a success, another first.

01 / 12  -  J o m a  +  C i n d y

If I was late at Martin's, my son and I are super duper late at Cindy's wedding.  We didn't falter though we got the chance to see the dance and the rest of the program. Still, it was a good thing we were able to make it and graced Cindy and Joma with our presence.

01 / 13  -  M a y k  +  M i c h

Was again one of the bearers of gifts during the wedding's offertory.  Mayk was cool and Mich was her same self, the wedding was all natural and free flowing. The reception was surprising, I never knew that there was a great function place at Marikina.

01 / 16  -  P T C   1 0 t h   I n t e r n a l

What can I say 10 years and an early gift from the directors.  Bongga!

01 / 17  -  P T C   1 0 t h   E x t e r n a l

It was mostly work and less play.  Rikki laughed at me when she saw me sporting a coat and tie. tssss...

01 / 19  -  J R  +  L a l l i e

Coolest setup I've seen so far.  Carnival ~what a concept, a damn good idea reflecting mostly of Lallie I think.  The giant Ferris-wheel on the middle, the cute and lovable elephants on the side, the not so mini Ferris-wheel in each table, the Rockioke (first time I heard the term) set-up and the all so cool guest that are all game.  Oh and I almost forgot the iPad mini giveaway, that rocked.  The red horse jugging bride and the singing groom; everything I tell you, it is a first!  Converting a basketball court into a reception area was mind boggling; inclining everything to Lallie's love for the PBA.  The party was even kid friendly, they have a kid's platter and everything.  It was really planned out the way they wanted it to be.  Amazing!  We had a blast abusing the bar, singing along everybody that sang up the rockioke stage and the works.  Funny thing is we met Rikki downstairs at Charlie's, what a night.

A h m  +  L h e n 

I remember back then when Lhen and I got married we never did had the perk of having a huge offering of venues, coordinators, catering, photographers, video creators and what not.  These guys are that flexible and artistic in a way that you'll get whatever you want.  But I won't dare ask how much you guys spent on these things but really the celebration has evolved and greatly improved.  Cheers to all of you!

Draw Something

Hey, long time!  How have you been?  Before I do my usual Couch Potato, Foodographs, Bookas and Picturesqueness... I just felt the urge to write about 'drawings', so if I may ask, when was the last time you picked up a paper and a pencil and started scribbling whatever during your free time or even during a meeting.  I know a lot of my workmates does that but why the heck am I not.  I discovered that I'm missing out on all the fun! As a result I did a two pager during a post project delivery meeting with a large group just moments ago and I enjoyed it.  Drawing wasn't a bother at all during the meeting; I was listening, contributing and munching on some chips while doing so.  Conclusion: I'll be doing this a lot more often *smirk* in the future.

Before you say anything I'm not an artist by the way.  I didn't attend any seminar about drawing/art or what not, but my friends do tell me I'm creative.  Not that I don't believe them or anything, I just accepted the fact that they say I am so I'm just playing the part.

I draw here and there back in high school, I took up engineering in college where drawing was a subject.  I learned a lot but I'm more interested in mad magazine type of drawings compared to what is being taught. A three dimension projection of the front, side and top view of an object, sound more like a Shaider and Babilos projection if you ask me.  I want to draw without the limit or the impossibilities of reality.  Back then I always wanted to create a comic strip but didn't find the time to do so.  I think the interest was there but the push was not enough.  Always planned but never implemented.  It's like the time I wanted to be in a band without considering the obvious need of having a talent *duh*.  I even have a band name in mind. :)  Then again, those were my dreams that never did came to reality.  Maybe that'll be the topic of my next drawing *evil laugh*.

How all of this started you may ask?  Simple, draw something was invented!  Hahahaha, kidding aside, it was a thought that arose during a chat conversation with a friend (who is a natural bully by the way). It triggered a lot of fun memories about my dear old college friend.  The one who told me a great funny story circling around a 12 oz. carbonated drink *hihihihihi*.  I never thought of it as a material at first but it's how I can always remember him by, so why not.  I made a few attempts on paper back then; all of which ended up on the bin.  Now after more than a decade I'm giving it another try.

Thanks again and I apologize since the drawings might not mean a thing (it's also incomplete) if you look at it but for me it's funny as hell.