Saturday, April 09, 2016

Whatda! Echo Dot unboxing and setup

E C H O   D O T

Why hello there!

Nice packaging, much like a box for a watch

That's the dot

The box includes the echo dot, a power adapter, USB to micro USB power cable, a stereo audio cable and  quick start guides

S E T T I N G   U P

I used the desktop setup over the mobile app since I'll be using my phone to take pictures

Just followed the wizard, oh by the way you'll need an internet connection for this to work
Plugged in the Echo and just waited till the Echo dot turned orange from the initial dancing blue color
Connected my computer to the Echo Dot to set the Echo's wifi connection

Just confirming the connection

Connecting the Echo Dot to our Wifi network to give Echo access to the internet

Password stuff

Just wait until it finish preparing

When it finishes its prep, the desktop computer needs to disconnect to the Echo and connect to the Wifi network where the Echo is also connected

You can now have Alexa answer some simple questions and some stupid ones, Enjoy!


Echo Dot functions as the normal Echo but its built-in speaker is much smaller (obviously) and inferior.  The unit is designed to pair (Bluetooth) or be plugged into an external speaker system.  The speaker is tolerable if your not that picky.  Mic functions perfectly and the echo can hear me from a distance.  My mother enjoys talking to Alexa and even called her suplada when Alexa doesn't know the answer to her questions.  Echo is not a necessity if you don't have any SMART devices around your home yet it's way cool to play around with.

I currently use it for internet radio, playing music, asking silly questions, sports news, time and weather (as if I need the information).  I'll explore it further.

Whatda! Playstation TV unboxing


I grabbed the opportunity while it's on sale and in production.

I N I T I A L   C O N T E N T

It's a bundle so there's the pstv and the other stuff bundled as add-ons

P L A Y S T A T I O N   T V   C O N T E N T

The basic content of a Playstation TV includes the manuals, the Playstation TV console, HDMI cable and the power supply.

T H E   P O W E R   S U P P L Y

Was disappointed that it was different from the vita power supple, this is somewhat similar to the psp power supple.  Though I'd get a spare vita power supply but it failed me.

E X P I R E D   C O D E S

I got the Playstation TV last April 5 and opened it and saw that the voucher has expired.

Thanks to the false expiry dates I was still able to get the game, whew!

C O M P A T I B L E   G A M E S

Almost 70% of my digital games on playstation Vita were not compatible with the playstation TV which is a bummer.  Here's a link to a list of compatible games


I just bought it because it was on sale at Gamestop for $60+, bundled with an eight (8) gig card, which basically was enough for my digital games that are compatible with the Playstation TV, a LEGO game voucher and a Playstation 3 dual shock controller.  The Playstation TV is an accessory more than a primary gaming console so I don't see the need for it if you have the PSVita handheld.  The only plus is the Playstation 4 remote play, it's a perfect tool for a bum that doesn't want to move his or her Playstation 4 from one television location to another.