Sunday, August 18, 2013

Picturesqueness: a compilation

I've not been feeling well this pass few days and at the same time it's been raining continuously.  So here I am just doodling and playing around with my note 2.  I was able to finish up about 20 collages of my trips outside the country out of boredom.

I used three different applications to post to Instagram. The native S-Note application, PicCollage and Photogrid.  But most of the collage were designed using PicCollage hence I find that tool the most useful for the job.

Posting to facebook directly has it's own merit based on the picture quality.  Instagram seems to degrade and pixelize the rendered image.  Regardless, I exported to Instangram beside the quality loss since it would automatically post to Twitter and Facebook automatically.  Don't judge me but yes I am lazy.

Here are the pictures

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Whatda!: CHANGE?

I have been using my mobile phone as my primary camera for quite some time now.  I survived not using my point and shoot camera for the time being.  While browsing some point and shoot at the mall; my brain managed to tell me that I need to buy a new one.  Knowing that I have a relatively low EQ, I managed to dodged this one for now.

Then I reminisced, when was the time I got my Samsung HZ10W.  It was the 17th of 2010, I bought the cheapest camera that has a high zoom capability at  J&R Electronics Inc. via for $129.99.  That camera is now three years old and still kicking; not bad for a 10x zoom 10 Megapixel camera.

Time has taken its toll for the Samsung, despite its flaws I have learned to work around some of it.
- The camera was bulky for a point and shoot, it was 2010 so a 10x zoom model is really bulky unlike what we have today.  That is why I always carry around a sling pouch for it.

- The camera's flash is located where your fingers would probably cover it or partially that is.  Having the flash covered partially is worse than having it completely covered I tell you.  I learned to place my fingers on the side of the camera and hold it like a mobile phone while using it.  The only nuisance is that I have to tell each and every user of the camera (if I'll hand it over to another person) of this flaw.

- The mechanical feature of the zoom does take a lot of energy from the battery.  So I just don't play around with the zoom that much not unless I really need it.

Scratch stories, most of the scratches are from wear and tear and the fact that I'm not that good when it comes to handling and caring for a camera.  Some notable incidents were:

2010 Incheon, South Korea - where it fell from my grip for the first time.  It was while I was handing it over to a local to take our picture.  One big dent to the Schneider outer lens and a hit to the body, checked if it still works and upon knowing it does I just ignored what happened so as not to ruin my vacation.

2011 Marinduque - the camera got submerged in salt water for a brief moment.  The camera had trouble opening and closing its lens due to sand and salt residues.  The zoom control was also affected.  After a long period (months I think) everything did go back to normal.

2012 Osaka, Japan - rather using a pouch I find myself just placing my camera on my pocket with other stuff that incurred some of the major scratches.

What I love about this camera is its reliability.  Images were great compared to other point and shoot.  Zoom was insanely useful, I watched a lot of concerts on the bleachers but I got pictures like I was not on the top most area of the Colosseum.

Now for the magic question, do I need to replace it or not.  After a quick review of the camera today I figured I need not to replace it just yet.  I guess I'll wait until the battery's life ends then I'll think about buying a new camera or a new battery pack. :P

Monday, August 05, 2013

Couch Potato: Cinema

I have my share of movies I got to see at the big screen and a variety show that I managed to watch from start to finish.

W H I T E H O U S E   D O W N 
** action packed; thanks to the laziboy the watch was tremendously comfortable.

D E S P I C A B L E   M E   2
** Matthew enjoyed the film

*** tapos na!?  what the kids said.

B A K I T   H I N D I   K A   C R U S H   N G   C R U S H   M O
** Ramon Bautista overload, mind you Kim was sexy!

F A M I L Y   O U T I N G   S e a s o n   1
** the format took its toll, still the program had its high and own set of humor. A thumbs up for me.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Couch Potato: myx

Wasn't able to take note of all the things I watched for several months but from top of mind.


* Sexy yet boring

T H I S   M E A N S   W A R

* It was really not for me

4 9   D A Y S

** I really like the female casts, ending was not the feel good type, this is a re-watch

P R O J E C T   M A K E O V E R

***I know it's corny but I dig it

M Y   L I T T L E   C H E F

*** Again a re-watch, I just can't get enough

T O W E R   H E I S T

** I needed some comedy that day and it was just perfect timing


*** Get your Kleenex ready; you are in for a surprise

G H O S T   H O U S E

*** This made me laugh

A   W E R E W O L F   B O Y

** I'm just a runningman fan.

S P E E D Y   S C A N D A L

*** He is at it again, a re-watch

T W O   F A C E S   O F   G I R L F R I E N D

*** What ever happened to this guy? A good actor indeed, also a re-watch

H I G H W A Y   S T A R

** I thought it was boring, just wait till the wrestler mask makes its presence

D R I F T   G T R

* That sucked, shift-delete

T H E   D A R K   K N I G H T   R E T U R N S   P A R T   2

*** Batman versus Superman, Batman wins!

A L L   S T A R   S U P E R M A N

* eh?

J U S T I C E   L E A G U E   F L A S H P O I N T   P A R A D O X

*** Now that is what you call a story line.

H I M Y M   S 7

* Why is it not that funny anymore?

J U S T I C E   L E A G U E   D O O M

* Should have seen this movie before the flashpoint paradox.