Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Readabol: BHKCNCM?

Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo? libro na sinulat ni Ramon Bautista

It's a compilation actually, a hilarious one that is.  You would need to know Ramon Bautista to really appreciate the whole thing.  If you don't, it would still make you laugh I bet.  I'm not a Ramon Bautista formspring follower (http://www.formspring.me/ramonbautista) so most of the antics and "supalpals" were new to me even if things are that obvious.  I guess I'll be one starting today. 

The book came with a hefty price of PHP120 for a 100+ pager forum compilation.  It also came with a notebook freebie.  I managed to give it away though; It was a friend's birthday so I have throw something at him. 

Thanks Dren for buying the book for me, I'll pay you on Wednesday I promise
The one on top is the notebook actually, the book is the one below :P
I don't know if I was the unlucky person who was given a misprinted edition because the book that I have has flaws.  Page 10 repeated the last line from page 9, page 13 and 14 contains the same text as in same page different page number and the same goes for page 16 and 18.  But then again that's what the free notebook is for I think. LOL!

Go buy a copy and tell me if I'm unlucky!  Feel the wrath of RB's advises regarding love and relationships, make a fool of yourself laughing your heart out.  Here are some pointers: learn the jargons first,  skip page 7 because it gave me a headache, don't read it when people are around they'll think you're crazy (smiling, grinning and laughing all by yourself).  Move on!

With RB, got the chance to snatch a photo with him at Seafood Island UP Technohub
I enjoyed reading parts of the book while I was on the throne; the funny thing was he mentioned in the near end that you'll enjoy the damn thing if you're in the john.  LOL!


  1. sorry ngayon lang nakasagot: sa book launching/fair ko kasi sya pinabili, di ko lang alam kung meron sa major bookstores. Balikamn kita kung malaman ko kung saan.

  2. national bookstore daw meron. mabilis lang daw magkaubusan. sikat eh.