Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bookas: PJ20

I bought the PJ20 coffee table book from Fully booked Greenbelt last December 6, 2011 
I bought another from and a friend brought it from Minnesota to Manila
last January. It came together with my PJ20 DVD and CD book purchase.
The other PJ20 CD (non-book version) was a local release, it was a surprise
gift from a team of mine from work, thanks Journey!
For a PJ fan like me the book was an awesome buy
Most of the PJ members came from Mother Love Bone
Unfortunate for Wood he OD-ed and his band's fame was cut short
The guys recruited Vedder and changed their name to Mookie Blaylock
Yep the basketball player, although it didn't last long so the name Pearl Jam was used
Together with Soundgarden's Cornell and Cameron the band made a tribute for Wood
They named the band Temple of the Dog and released a self titled
album having Vedder as backup vocals
I got both CDs from a CD mail promo that my Aunt in New Jersey purchased
Thanks Auntie!
I was in college back then when I purchased a BASF casette tape of Pearl Jam just out of curiosity
After listening to Ten for several times I ended up purchasing a CD, it was expensive to buy a CD back then
CDs were kept on a locked cabinet, you'd need to request for assistance if you want to browse for a title.
I figured it was worth having as a collectible and yes it was
The band made a cameo on the Cameron Crowe movie Singles.  Crowe also made the PJ20 movie after 2 decades.
I later purchased the DVD when I got a job as an IT software engineer at SVI during the late 90s
VS was in my Christmas 1993 list. My brother and sister-in-law (who was still her girlfriend back then)
gave me quite a surprise for Christmas,  the CD was not yet release here back then but he managed to
buy me an imported CD from somewhere, how sweet!  He loves me that much.
90s College students like me are really easy to please
I got this from a College classmate and friend
He has this connection, a record label I think, that made me purchase this cd at a discounted price
 just can't remember how much.  Then again it's all for Crazy Mary!
I think I bought Vitalogy using my savings, my brothers and I had this monthly thing where we would contribute 100 pesos
each and buy a cd .  The remaining 75 pesos would come from the person who would pick what album to buy.
It was a fair rotation we put into place, hence the Vitalogy purchase was made possible.
What do you know? PJ is coming to town.  700 pesos back in 1995 was huge.
I conjured up all my powers not to spend much so as I can get a hold of a ticket.
Behold I was one of the 6500 people on the platform watching.... wait for it.... Pearl Jam!
I remember paying the SM ticket lady a bundle of old twenty peso bills one afternoon,
getting that ticket made me so damn cool then.
Concert day, we were falling in line with my friends and the band 'the teeth' was in front of us
ah, memories...
Merkin ball was a single that PJ made to compliment Neil's Mirror ball
The band continued on with the advocacy of not using plastic cd cases for their album
No code came with reprints of Vedder's polaroids, behind them are song lyrics and such.
The concept was unique and I believe you'd get different prints per cd purchase, I can't remember.
Bought this single back in Minnesota at half priced bookstore in Apple Valley
It cost me a dollar to get this treasure.  Also, my friend was able to dig up a 25 cent book about
PJ titled 5 against 1 that really made my day
Yield was something I bought automatically not even knowing what songs are there
I just saw a new PJ album, got one from the shelf and payed for the damn thing
It was at odyssey SM Annex North Edsa
No boundaries was a tribute album that contains two PJ songs,
I remember the price was a bit expensive than ordinary foreign cds
I was always browsing around the DVD area in record bars back then when DVDs
were not yet pirated in bulk.  So I chanced upon this DVD, reviewed it a little
and decided to buy one myself after numerous days of evaluation.
Learned about this release at the entertainment pages of Inquirer that prompted
me to seek for a copy
PJ released a number of live concert recordings, I decided to try one and ended up
with this Acoustic set  
I felt I need to have a copy to listen to unreleased songs, huh it was a 2 cd set, lucky!
The self titled Avocado album.
This was way before the big bang Theory comedy series :)
The OST that I don't have :(
After almost 20 years, the music still catches my ear.  I love this album!
Shows great growth yet all the trademarks are there.
An amazon purchase, a digitally remastered Ten album with bonus tracks on a different CD.
A DVD of the famous MTV Unplugged performance.  Back then I settled for a VHS recording of the
show now that I got this DVD I was able to dispose of the VHS tape and the player
If you are wondering where's the cover of the book, I hanged it on my AV room
I'm still stuck in the 90s

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Readabol: BHKCNCM?

Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo? libro na sinulat ni Ramon Bautista

It's a compilation actually, a hilarious one that is.  You would need to know Ramon Bautista to really appreciate the whole thing.  If you don't, it would still make you laugh I bet.  I'm not a Ramon Bautista formspring follower ( so most of the antics and "supalpals" were new to me even if things are that obvious.  I guess I'll be one starting today. 

The book came with a hefty price of PHP120 for a 100+ pager forum compilation.  It also came with a notebook freebie.  I managed to give it away though; It was a friend's birthday so I have throw something at him. 

Thanks Dren for buying the book for me, I'll pay you on Wednesday I promise
The one on top is the notebook actually, the book is the one below :P
I don't know if I was the unlucky person who was given a misprinted edition because the book that I have has flaws.  Page 10 repeated the last line from page 9, page 13 and 14 contains the same text as in same page different page number and the same goes for page 16 and 18.  But then again that's what the free notebook is for I think. LOL!

Go buy a copy and tell me if I'm unlucky!  Feel the wrath of RB's advises regarding love and relationships, make a fool of yourself laughing your heart out.  Here are some pointers: learn the jargons first,  skip page 7 because it gave me a headache, don't read it when people are around they'll think you're crazy (smiling, grinning and laughing all by yourself).  Move on!

With RB, got the chance to snatch a photo with him at Seafood Island UP Technohub
I enjoyed reading parts of the book while I was on the throne; the funny thing was he mentioned in the near end that you'll enjoy the damn thing if you're in the john.  LOL!

Kage Bunshin

Dear multiply friends, if you value your multiply media collection ~ now is the time to export everything to your local drive.  They took the effort to create a somewhat tool or should I say a technique to export most of your media files to your private/personal/local drive. 
Those download and export links below your profile
picture are the tools I'm talking about has been a huge part of my mid to late 2k decade when facebook was still not around.  I post most of the pictures there and even left friendster and my blog sites because I decided to migrate not all but most of the content to multiply.  Now that their battle with the social network business model comes to an end amid all their effort to salvage things; I'm back to square one.  I need to transfer data from multiply to where-ever.
The style was for multiply to generate a page with all the links of the multimedia files; it's somewhat a report page.
Then by using a third party browser plug-in (chrome or firefox) to do all the downloading.  Pretty cool huh!  Not!
The tool would be available until December 1, 2012 they say.  I guess it limited though because after a 6 hour download using the download media helper and the chrome download master plug-in (that is why I call it a technique) I ended up downloading what I think is everything.  Until a friend informed me that it didn't cover the whole site.  I was able to download 10k+ items in 6 hours but after I checked it was lacking a lot of later albums, blogs and what not.  So I guess it does have its limitation.
I'm not complaining :P
Like I said I'm not complaining even if it’s agonizing. I'm still grateful that they acted upon the user's need.  I'm not a premium user; I'm just one of those freeloader types that know HTML and CSS.  To cut the blog short, I'm a multiplier and I'm saddened by the move but business needs continue on and make changes for the better.  The migration is troublesome but it is still inevitable.  Thanks a bunch it was a joy to use your service!  Now, I need to get back on how to download the missing media.

A screen shot of the home page so as I'll remember how I designed it
And how I failed to align the robot banner on the header

Sunday, September 09, 2012


A series of drinking sessions in a span of three days means only one thing, it's my birth week.  Old and new  concoctions where beer is merely considered as fillers.

DAY1: Saturday's two Double Blacks, a 350ml original Jinro Soju, a liter of red horse and a couple of San Miguel light.  Our Malubag uncles and cousins unknowingly decided to meet up a day before my birthday what luck.  I don't normally partake on family drinking spree but what the heck it's my birthday after all.  I jugged on a liter of red house to start it of and went on to shoot some soju (wished I have some yakult with it).  While the rest galloped two bottles of Double Black and two cases of beer.  I never liked Johnnie, but man, the double black was so smooth that I'd rethink my first impression of that Walker guy.  Still, Jinro is my best friend and Chum Churum would keep me company if Jinro is nowhere to be found.

DAY2: Sunday's drink fest that consist of a number of colored Tanduay Ice, flavored San Miguel beer, a 350ml Fresh Jinro Soju and 1.4 liters of Jinrokult.  It was also a poker afternoon (two games) that I won; I don't know if it was birthday luck, pure awesomeness or my friends just decided to let me win.  I don't give a damn, the fact is I'm still the winner and I'll brag about it.  In your face losers.  The post party party with Conchuville friends pushed through due to the persistence of certain people.  Jang jang jang jang!!!!  Paeng and I got wasted drinking the Jinrokult stuff but surprisingly we were done before sunrise.

DAY3: Monday's Singapore Sling was my leads' idea of celebrating (not my birthday) a normal day at work.  I'm assuming that they wanted to have a drink with me the birthday guy.  Who am I to decline the offer. :)

So there you go, I love my friends!  That was last weekend; this weekend is a different story.  HBD mama!