Sunday, November 25, 2012

Couch Potato: Few

Been busy with stuff like my cherry flare, etc.

R o m a n t i c   D e b t o r

This movie started out funny but ended up being cheesy. 

T h e   W o n d e r f u l   W o r l d   o f   C a p t a i n   K u h i o

It was not that wonderful, his life I mean.  The story, the acting and the execution was great but the ending was all f*cked up if you ask me.

S o u t h   B o u n d

eh?  From Tokyo to ??????, a father who lives by his principles and beliefs.  Fight for what you think is right even if you know you'll lose.  Hanep diba!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let's volt in: Tsutenkaku Tower

This is a free brochure I got from Tsutenkaku Tower at Osaka, Japan.  I wish I took  a
 couple more from the shelf.  I never expected it had this paper replica build kit inside.
It would have been a good giveaway. :)
Since I needed a break from work I decided to build the tower on my desk
The brochure was just sitting there for quite some time now.
Started with the one labeled as number 1; the tower's legs
then the base
connected the two right away
assembled the body
connected the body to the base
jumped right away to number 7
which are pointed decorations for the body
the viewing deck
the tower is almost done
instead of just printing out the clock, it was a separate tile that you need to affix
then I formed the head, it's a three piece assemble
This is how it looks when bolted together
Connecting the head as the finale and there you have it
Surprise, surprise; it's also a coin bank.
After all the effort, I ended up giving it away to one of my team mates.
It was a cool build, I guess I can take on a more complex build next time
Time to start on the Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and Getter paper builds.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Couch Potato: Slow

I'm killin' time, my lemonlime.....

G o !   B o y s   S c ho o l   D r a m a   C l u b

This movie sucked, I think they wanted it that way.  But boy that play they performed on the end was hilarious.  That maybe the reward for those who gave the movie a chance, those who stick around to finish the grueling story line hoping for a slight improvement on the plot.  It tells a story of a group of youngsters on a drama club wanting to attain fame and recognition to get some attention mostly from girls.

W r e c k - i t   R a l p h

What do you say, it's a drama!  I have to live with the fact that Matthew (my son) would never rest to bug me about buying him a Nintendo Wii game of the same title.

B u n n y   D r o p

From Manga to Movie to Anime.  Try taking care of your six year old aunt (yep it's his aunt), a nice formula for a drama huh, I know!  I don't know if it depicts a normal single father lifestyle at Japan but it was that effective.  Making sacrifices and even requesting for a demotion at work just to accommodate a little one's schedule.  If that ain't love I don't know how to define it.

L a s t   G i f t

What the hell?! A lot of tearjerker this week.  I liked the plot, the actors and their respective portrayals.  The You'll learn to like Shin Hyun-Jun's character here turning around from being the feisty inmate to a calmer and caring individual.  The story was predictable but the concept was unique.  More like a Déjà vu, I'm ignoring you but I knew all along type of film.

S u n s h i n e   A h e a d

Life really is cruel.  This movie shows a lot of heart and harsh reality.  Based on a true story the movie is about a person's dedication (and struggles) to save the coral reefs.

W o m e n   F r o m   M a r s

Screen Red has been playing a lot of Chinese films nowadays. I stumbled upon this one and just my luck it's a comedy.  I'll stick to Japanese and Korean film for now.

Picturesqueness: South Korea 둘

C o m m u t e   b y   T r a i n
Going around Seoul by train using a T-money card is quite a convenience
except for the long walks transferring from one line to the other :)
Here's a peek 
G o l d e n   P o n d   G u e s t h o u s e
It's near a shopping district and has all the basic necessity that we need
G y e o n g b o k g u n g   P a l a c e
Like I said before, if you've seen one it's lke you've seen them all
The grandest palace I saw in Seoul
We were able to witness the Royal Changing of Guards, a performance made by
volunteers (I think) at the main gate
C h a n g d e o k g u n g   P a l a c e
A pretty nice palace near Anguk area
We were so tired at this point of the day that we only managed to go around the
front side of the palace.  We hanged around a coffee shop inside the vicinity
and waited for our companions.
I n s a d o n g
A shopping district that offers a lot of local products
I spent a lot of change buying a variety of street food
Did I mention it's also Turny Burny (my ugly doll) home town
I ' P A R K m a l l
A very huge mall
W a r   M e m o r i a l 
Bomber planes, helicopter, tanks, rocket launchers and such
The place was amazing
Thank you Tita for bringing us here at Itaewon; and for dinner!
B u r g e r   K i n g   a t   I t a e w o n
This is probably the burger king franchise where the homicide occurred
I'm saying probably because I'm not really sure, but it's the only BK that I saw at Itaewon
I saw the movie that is why I wanted to see the location, thanks Tita for bringing us here
M y e o n g d o n g
A wicked shopping district, did you see the mob?
1 s t   S h o p   C o f f e e   P r i n c e 
We had trouble finding the place.
A Korean drama setting for 'Coffee Prince'
Overpriced coffee and yummy cheese cakes
If you saw the "Coffee prince" drama you'll understand why we tolerated the price
A d m i r a l   Y i   S u n   S h i n   S t a t u e
Lucky enough we caught a performance at the park
Hmm... but I didn't post a picture of it, hahahaha, oh well
M y e o n g d o n g   C a t h e d r a l
Saw a great number of Catholics, I didn't imagine the church was that big, 
then again it's called a cathedral. How stupid of me.
N a m d a e m u n   M a r k e t
Their Divisoria, a station away from Myeongdong
H e l l o   K i t t y   C a f e

It's just near our place, see the smiles of our respective significant other?
 See Rene's gesture; wanting to slice that sweet kitty cake. :))
N a m i   I s l a n d
The group appreciating Autumn's color
 A Korean drama setting for 'Endless Love: Winter Sonata'
photos courtesy of Bernard Necio
N   S e o u l   T o w e r
The highest peak, a perfect  location to view the lights of the city
A Korean drama setting for 'Boys over Flower'
The Teddy Bear Museum is also located here, guess what?, we ignored it.
Locks, more locks and whatever you want to leave on the wall
M i g h t   a s   w e l l   J U M P
Thanks for joining me and my wife our dear friends, let's travel again sometime
Thanks Travel Factor as always, to our new friends let's do this again. Kitakits na!